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Feast of Tabernacles Family

Feast of Tabernacles Family

Feast of Tabernacles


20th-28th 2021

Hosted by Brazos Bereans

      We are a non-profit unincorporated organization established for the purpose of gathering in unity to celebrate YHWH's appointed times. Our goal is to encourage fellowship and growth among Torah pursuant believers and, to encourage youth to have their own personal conviction to walk in the way of our Creator.

Registration fee: $150/single, $200/couple, $250/family

Where: Oakdale RV Park in Glen Rose, TX 76043 

 The cost does NOT include lodging or campsites. To reserve your lodging or campsite please Call Oakdale RV Park  Phone #: 254-897-2321 Promotion code BB2021

Registration includes: Brunch and an evening meal for each full day of Tabernacles, also includes selected outings, and workshops.

You can register for this event on Eventbrite. However, charges will apply.

You can contact us at, for questions and registration form.

You can also call Karen Barlow/ Cathy Just at 214-650-4783.                                                                                                

Let us know how many are in your family and please include ages for children you are registering, so that we know how to prepare.

If you prefer to mail payment send to

PO box 1915

Granbury, TX 76048.

Make check out to Bruce Connor our financial manager.

If you would like to pay by cah app #$Brazos Bereans. 

For the season of Sukkot, we adhere to the following beliefs and ask that in the spirit of joy and peace, the following tenants of faith be respected.

We believe Yeshua is Messiah in Him alone we have redemption and salvation. Debating the sacred name and other controversial topics is not encouraged etc., for the sake of peace and unity. We are excited to Celebrate YHWH's Feast with you! Hope to see you there!


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