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Gett'n Started! Left and Right side of the brain

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just get started!

Did you know that the left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body and the right side of the brain is responsible for controlling the left side? What does this have to do with anything you might be wondering.

In life we will always find that there is a tension- like walking a tightrope too far left your going to fall off the rope, too far right your going to fall off the rope! There is a beautiful balance that must be maintained with intention otherwise you're going to fall into a ditch on either side.

My ambition with this blog is to explore topics so that can you find a balance in all things. If you read my About page you will see I am passionate about many things. It is my hope in sharing with you that you will find that sweet spot or perfect point of balance so that we can help each other not fall into the ditch or off the tightrope.

Back to the Brain: Both sides of the brain are needed for the body to function properly. Being too left brain- keeps us from being able to explore new creative thoughts. Being too right brain takes us into the other ditch of being unable to focus on what is important. Both right and left sides are needed to maintain balance in our body so that all functions work properly. How does that pertain to this blog? Glad you asked .........

When we begin to get into discussions about health/herbal remedies, scripture, Bill of rights, Declaration of Independence, and all the cool things they encompass we will find that there is a tension where all things must ultimately be balanced. Example: Let's talk about health. These days we have a tendency to become our own Doctors especially with the internet at our finger tips. We will guess and explore the many possibilities and reasons why our body is reacting and self diagnosis. Which is great ........but this does not negate the need to seek professional help and advice. In an emergency you will be glad you took the time to educate yourself and stock up on things that will help keep you going in a crisis. But there can be reactions from herbals also, especially if you are on medications or have low blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant etc. So use wisdom. If you cannot breathe then go to the Doctor! If you have a high fever and can't keep anything in you because it's coming out of both ends and you are unable to think straight, go to the ER.

Herbs are great and the intent of them is more about keeping our body supplied with the nutrition it needs to keep it fueled and functioning properly. Catching the signs that something is out whack and getting back on track.

Example:Bad gas/ fuel in a car doesn't break it down immediately but in most cases, it sure causes stress on the other parts of the vehicle and will cause it to run roughly and if not taken care will cause your car to break. Bad fuel in our body is the same concept. It still keeps going because we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of the Universe, Abba Yah/ Father God but after a period of time it begins to run roughly because it does not have the fuel it needs to run in high performance mode.

So please understand correct diagnosis is necessary. So sometimes it is necessary to see a Doctor. Plus many medications will cause your body damage if you do not ween yourself off of them slowly. It is my hope that you will begin to recognize the signs your body will give you so that you can give it some extra TLC at the first sign of trouble or just like in a car, we need an oil change every few thousand miles. So do our bodies. So again it's about balance, not too far to the left nor to the right.

Another one of my passions is for you to find your place in this world. You were created with a purpose! You are not an accident. You were designed specifically to complete a specific task that Yah/God commissioned you for. The enemy comes to Steal ( your destiny, your birthright, your inheritance) ( your purpose)( your authority) , Kill ( your dreams) (your design) ( your relationships) and Destroy ( your design),( your call), ( your relationships). You are fearfully and wonderfully made! You will see me use Yahweh/ God, Yeshua/Jesus, ( the Hebrew names, after all Yeshua/ Jesus was Hebrew!) Throughout my articles. So if you are not familiar with the names I will do a blog and talk about them at some point But just know we are speaking of Jesus=Yeshua, Abba/Father, Yah or Yahweh/=God.

Just some fun facts about left and right brain. To maybe explain a few things about yourself. Which category do you fall into to? Are you too far left or too far right? What you can you do to help you find that perfect tension and balance? Things to ponder and further reading For your reading pleasure!!!

Left brain often perform tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. The left hemisphere is needed for rational thinking and logical skills such as mathematics and language. You might find that left brainers are often dominant people who are visual learners. When reading this did anyone come to mind? If someone excels academically it could be they are left brain dominant.

Characteristics of a left brain dominant person:

-Verbal -Order -Reading

-Analytical -Writing -Writing

-Computations -Sequencing -Logic

-Mathematics -Thinking in Words -Linear thinking


Left brainers usually excel in the following fields: Business analyst, Programmer, Reporter, Scientist, Network administrator etc. It is extremely important to the physical body that it functions properly. Why? Because it allows you the ability to understand the sum of any situation/ being able to analyze and see all points of view. It involves the movement of large muscles such as walking. It plays an important role maintaining balance. It is responsible for non-verbal communications. It can sense smell, taste, and sound. It is responsible for emotional functions. It regulates avoidance behavior. It controls the immune system. It is in charge of involuntary body functions such as digestion, making the heart beat, and breathing. It affects the person's ability to pay attention to detail, fine motor skills and to convert sound to language and translate meaning. Pretty important stuff!

Right Brain- controls the left side of the body. Most generally right brain people excel in arts. They are very intuitive and visual. It is also called analog brain. It is responsible for the following:

-Creativity -Imagination -Intuition -Holistic thinking

-Arts -Feelings/ visualization -non-verbal cues -Rhythm

-Daydreaming -Emotions

Right brain dominant people usually excel in these following fields:

-Graphic design -Interior designer -Musician

-Painter -Pyschologist -Counselor

- Manager

The right brain helps us to be able to grasp understand the concept of more versus less, The right brain hemisphere is responsible for some of the cognitive functions such as attention, processing of visual shapes and patterns, emotions, verbal ambiguity, and implied meanings.

So to sum it all up! Left brain is needed for rational thinking and logical skills such as mathematics, and language, Right brain is responsible for creative activities like arts and connecting to others in an emotional way. So a person left brain dominant is logical while the right brain dominant is more emotional.

If one part of the right or left hemisphere is not working properly it can cause loss of function within the body. Just like you......if you are not aware of your part in the world /body of Messiah the body then as a whole the body/ world doesn't function the way it was designed. The world needs you to play your part! What is my part? I am glad you asked! Let's explore it further in the next blog!

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