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Gett'n Spiritual!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Abba-Father has so many good things for His people! I am going to attach some pdfs for you to down load and read at your leisure. I am also going to attach a blessing because blessing

the spirit it so important!

Many of us did not have the luxury or for that matter our parents didn't even know that when we were in our mother's womb we could hear and react to the environment around us, if they were stressed so were we, if they were angry we felt that as well. If they read to us we heard the stories. If they sang to us the songs may be familiar/remembered. Attached is a PDF talking about generational things and how real blessings and curses are even to this present day.

Didn't Yeshua's death on the cross pay for that. It sure did. We don't have to have to carry the generation curses with us any longer because He did pay for it on the cross. However, as with most things within the Kingdom we have our part to play. So we must take the time to divorce/renounce those things and cleanse them with the precious blood of our Messiah.

Blessings and Curses DP
Download PDF • 139KB

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