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Gett'n set free! Yeshua/Jesus is the answer! Simple prayer

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Here is the a renunciation document I referred to the last document on Blessings and Curses. Many of us have relatives involved in many different secret societies. Even if it wasn't your parents or grandparents perhaps it was 3 generations ago. Many of our relatives didn't realize the vows they took will affect their lives as well as their children's lives, grand children's lives and on and on it goes. Many join secret societies just because their relatives did without true understanding of what they have joined. Many joined as young children. The fact is regardless of the circumstances they have made a covenant with something dark, which can be undone by renunciations and the blood of Messiah. As you read this document you may be surprised by the many organizations that are covered in this document. If you have not accepted Yeshua ( Jesus) as your personal Savior it may be best to forgo the renunciations, read through the document and then pray and ask Yeshua (Jesus) to come into your life.

If you would like to ask Yeshua ( Jesus) into your life :

Please pray this simple prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for loving me and thank you for sending Yeshua ( Jesus) to die for me. Master Yeshua ( Jesus) open wide the door of my heart and I ask that you come into me now. Be my Master and my Messiah. Wash me from my sins eradicate my past as I turn my back on the world and I turn my back on sin and the devil and demon forces and embrace you today Yeshua(Jesus). I believe with all my heart that Yeshua ( Jesus ) is the son of the living El ( God). He died on the tree for me. He was buried, but on the third day he came out of the grave alive. Now I confess with my mouth Yeshua Messiah is my Master and I am justified. Fill me with the set-apart sprit and may the fruit of the spirit and the gifts of the spirit be in operation in my life today. I choose this day to serve you all the days of my life. Amein and HalleluYah!

This is just the beginning of your journey! The real work begins now. But it is worth it!!! I bless you with people who will walk beside you and take this journey with you. If you have prayed this prayer I would love to pray for you and be a witness to the event. Please leave me a message and I will be in touch. Please read ( Blessings and Curses), and the Blessing on my past blog. It will help you become free!

Welcome to this journey filled with adventure! This picture by the way is of Antartica where the seas were frozen and remain this way today. You can see the waves if you look closely. A group of brave people I know took the journey and took this fabulous picture!

Masonic Renunciations Final
Download PDF • 111KB

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