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A look at some interesting facts about our bill of rights

Updated: Jan 16

Articles 1-12 are legitimate.
There was in the original a slate of 12 amendments, of which only the 3rd thru the 12th were adopted as the Bill of Rights.

Our first 10 amendments and the original 2nd Amendment did finally get ratified as did the 27th Amendment in 1992.
The 1st, having to do with the size of the House of Representatives, has not yet passed! The original 13th Amendment was passed in 1819. It banned lawyers from being part of the government.
Somewhere after the war of 1812 and before the Civil War, the original 13th amendment was removed and later over- ridden by the current 13th amendment. The current should technically be the 14th. There have been sufficient State published US Constitutions now found to ratify the existence of the original 13th. The 14th amendment never passed. The Southern States rejected the 14th amendment and and the North sent the army to disband the Southern state legislatures.
This was part of the reconstruction acts.
The Army sent the legislatures of seven Southern states, including Texas, home and formed Rump governments ( which means it is the remnant of a once much larger state, left with a reduced territory in the wake of secession, annexation, occupation, decolonization, or a successful coup d'erat or revolution on part of its former territory) governments, for the express purpose of ratifying the 14th Amendment.
This Amendment never passed. There is no problem with the 15th Amendment allowing African Americans to vote. It remains intact with no changes. The 16th Amendment was never ratified by the States. When the Sec of State realized he did not have enough States responding with YES, so he went back through the State responses and found some states which replied with "we would vote YES, if the amendment was changed to...

",amendment%2C%20was%20never%20properly%20ratified. whatever agenda they desired, and he counted those as Yes votes to achieve the required threshold for passage. He was prepared for lawsuits, but none ever materialized, this occurred in 1913. The 17th Amendment (1913) is unconstitutional on its face.
Article Five of the US Constitution says any part of the constitution may be amended, after 1808, except that the States must retain equal rights to vote in political elections in the Senate. The 17th removes from the State these rights and gives it to the people, a clear violation of Article V. Every Senate since 1913 has been unconstitutional and every act of those Senates is therefore invalid.
This includes every law, appointment, treaty and confirmation, including the confirmation of every Federal Judge now sitting which includes also the Federal Reserve act of 1913! Every Amendment from 18-26 went through the Senate and was never passed properly. Was there a coup in this country in 1913 and no one seems to know it? Please check me, don't believe what I say research it for yourself. Incredible!

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